Wheelchair Accessories

UK Mobility Healthcare has a selection of wheelchair accessories that include cushions, gloves, straps, bags and wheelchair covers.

We supply a wide range of mobility and disability aids for wheelchair users in the UK, so please call our UK Mobility Healthcare support staff for help or advice on any wheelchair products on 0800 0901 240 or send your enquiry via our Contact Form at any time, if you cannot see what you require.

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All-Purpose Padded Mesh Wheelchair Gloves - Small
Economic gloves protect wheelchair user’s hands from dirt and trauma while improving traction on whe..
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Anyway Cushion
Many of the chairs in day rooms, wards and sitting areas are far from comfortable and certainly not ..
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AutoSlide Transfer Aid
Allows users to turn and move sideways without great difficulty. Robust handles enable the carer to ..
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Bariatric Wheelchair Cushion
Designed to fit wider wheelchairs/day chairs and to accommodate higher body weights. Incorporates ..
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Cane Holder
Cane Holder This clever gadget fastens easily to your wheelchair or walker preventing the loss of..
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Chair/Skoota Back Sack
Chair/Skoota Back Sack these sack offer you more storage when out and about Size: One size ..
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Chair/Skoota Side Sack
Chair/Skoota Side Sack this top flap of this bag conceals a pocket large enough for all your bit..
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Crutch Back Bag
Crutch Back Bag this bag has beeen designed to provide a useful holdall and to allow two crutches..
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Curved Transfer Board
Manufactured from 15mm Birch ply with tapered ends, the curved transfer board is particularly suitab..
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Cushion Back Holdall
Cushion Back Holdall this combination of a back cushion and shopping holdall is ideal comfort ac..
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Double Handle Leg Lifter
This reinforced polyester webbing strap assists people with good hand grip and strength to lift thei..
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Down Under Storage Bag
Down Under Storage Bag this cleverly designed bag is suspended behind the users legs and under t..
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EasyGlide Plastic Transfer Board
A flexible, plastic transfer board that is particularly suitable for bridging short distances. Can h..
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Electric Wheelchair Cover
Electric Wheelchair Cover Size: One size Colour: Grey or Maroon ..
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Electric Wheelchair Panel Cover
Electric Wheelchair Panel Cover Size: One Size Colour: Royal Blue, Grey or Maroon ..
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Fleece Calf Strap
Fleece Calf Strap these calf straps provide comfort and support Size: Adjustable Colour: Woo..
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Kozee Hands
Kozee Hands the waterproof outer fleece liningand elasticated cuffs ensure that your hands get wa..
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Kozee Kape With Sleeves
Kozee Kape With Sleeves this is a kozee cape with sleeves freeing your hands while still protecti..
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Kozee Kover-up
Kozee Kover-up this has been designed as a close fitting summer weight alternative to the kozee t..
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Kozee Wheelchair Pillow
Kozee Wheelchair Pillow Size: One size Colour: Navy Blue ..
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