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Adjustable Desk Lamp
This attractive desk lamp is an excellent light source that is especially suitable for people with l..
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Amefa Cutlery - Left Angled Fork
Stylish and practical, this elegant range of cutlery is designed to make eating easier for people wi..
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Amplified Telephone with Remote Emergency Buttons
Comes with 2 waterproof emergency remote buttons that can be worn either as a bracelet or as a penda..
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Analogue Dementia Care Day / Night Clock
This clock is ideal for people who have dementia and for whom this has affected their ability to rea..
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Anti-Slip Foot Pad
A really helpful solution to the problem of feet slipping whether in bed, out of bed or in a chair. ..
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Aquila Bath Lift For Children - knee wedge
Knee Wedge for the Aquila Bath Lift - supports the legs, helps maintain correct posture and prevents..
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Automatic Pill Dispenser
Designed to prompt someone with memory problems that they need to take medication. Automatically dis..
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AutoSlide Transfer Aid
Allows users to turn and move sideways without great difficulty. Robust handles enable the carer to ..
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Bed Shaker for Wake'n'Shake Alarm Clock
Very loud alarm clock, with adjustable tone and volume going up to 95dB. Comes with a shaker pad ..
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Belt Wheat Bag
Belt Wheat Bag this versitile wheat bag will help ease away all those everyday aches and painsca..
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Bio Bidet BB-1000 Supreme
Provides dignity and independence to people who are unable to clean hemselves after toileting. By m..
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Bookchair Deluxe
The award winning Bookchair Deluxe helps to alleviate neck and back problems and allows hands free r..
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Border Patrol Safety Beam
An easy to use electronic entrance-monitoring device. Creates an invisible infrared beam between the..
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Bra Angel Dressing Aid
Designed by an Occupational Therapist, the Bra Angel makes it possible for ladies who have the use o..
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Brevetti Sock Dressing Aid
Helps successfully apply socks when mobility is limited. Also very effective when used with stocking..
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Button Hook
Button Hook This button hook is desighed to help with fastening of buttons and use the hook at th..
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Can Crusher For Aluminium Cans
Can Crusher For Aluminium Cans This enviromentally friendly wall mounted can crusher crushes cans..
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Care Call Vibrating Pager Unit
Can be worn on a belt or on a neck cord. Unique 100 or 1000 metre operating range using the appro..
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Carrying Bag for Raised Toilet Seat
Carrying Bag for Raised Toilet Seat   ideal to transport your raised toilet seat Size: ..
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Chair Pad - Floral
Waterproof backed, 1 litre absorbent chair pads available in a choice of 5 colours. Quilted top as..
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