Single Seater Golf Buggy

If you would like to take it easy on the golf course and drive more than your golf balls, the Single Seat Golf Buggy from UK Mobility Healthcare have a fantastic range of these golf carts at an amazing price.

The Single Seat Golf Buggy range start at the amazing low price of only £1,350.00 for the Powercruise Plus Single Seat Golf Buggy which is not subject to VAT either because we are a free of VAT organisation so unlike other Golf Buggy outlets, you will save £270 on this particular model and more on our other golf buggies.

The Powercruise Plus Single Seat Golf Buggy may not break any speed records but will take you around the course at a top speed of 7.6 mph (average walking speed is only 3.5mph) and can go for 45 holes before you need to recharge it, so after 2 rounds is ideal time to stop off at the 19th hole for some refreshments.

Like every Single Seat Golf Buggy you can buy from UK Mobility Healthcare, this has forward and reverse gears, a solenoid brake, runs on 2 batteries and dismantles into 4 pieces  to make transportation to and from the clubhouse that bit easier. These Single Seat Golf Buggies also come with a battery gauge to make sure that you manage to find your way back in plenty of time to charge it up for your next round.

Why not spoil yourself with a Single Seat Golf Buggy and start enjoying your game more with terrific value, there really is not time like the present!

If you buy a single Seat Golf Buggy from UK Mobility Healthcare, you have the peace of mind that it will be fully guaranteed and should be delivered to you in no time at all.

See below of our full range and click on the Single Seat Golf Buggy you are interested in for more technical specifications and to buy yours today.


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