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UK Mobility Healthcare's Games, Arts & Crafts products for mobility / disability patients to enjoy some fun and activity with family and friends.

All products specifically designed to encourage dexterity, mobility and mental function.

We supply a wide range of mobility and disability aids for UK customers, please call our UK Mobility Healthcare support staff for help or advice on any products on 0800 0901 240 or send your enquiry via our Contact Form at any time, if you cannot see what you require.

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Arthwriter® Hand Aid
Holds pens, pencils and cutlery. 20mm hole in the centre has a screw to adjust for size. Ideal..
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Bar Skittles Game
The wooden ball is swung on the end of a chain to strike the nine pins. The winner is the person who..
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Body Balls - Blue
Made from PVC, Body Balls are lighter and more pliable than Gym Balls. They have a warm, tactile sur..
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Body Balls - Red
Made from PVC, Body Balls are lighter and more pliable than Gym Balls. They have a warm, tactile sur..
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Bostik® Glitter Glue Pens - Pack of 30
A bumper pack containing 30 x 16g pens of Glitter Glue. 10 x Gold, 10 x Silver, 5 x Red and 5 x Gree..
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Bowling Game
Superior bowling game. For floor or table top use. Crafted in hard wood. Includes 2 balls, 10 pin..
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Collage Pack
Bumper Collage pack containing all the items needed to create great collage patterns. Includes a sel..
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Craft Deluxe Floorstanding Lamp
Multifunctional floor standing lamp with flexible head and is height adjustable to put the soft, ..
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Crayola® Air Dry Model Magic
A unique modelling compound that is pliable and lightweight for easy manipulation and permanently ai..
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Dry Wipe Markers - Pack of 8
Colours go on wet, dry instantly and can be wiped off with a dry cloth or tissue. Chisel tipped pe..
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Dutch Shuffleboard Game
Sturdy, high-quality tabletop version of this popular game encourages social interaction and hand-ey..
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Folding A4 Magnifier and Stand
A4 size acrylic magnifier with stand. Convenient for reading large area of print. Stand folds when n..
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Folding Gym Mat
Made from foam and laminated to a woven textile fabric which is both hygienic and pleasant against t..
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Height Adjustable Adult Parallel Walking Bars
Fully height adjustable parallel bars solidly constructed from powder coated steel with a chrome fin..
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Magnetic Angled Writing Board
Lightweight, stylish writing board helps children who need assistance with their writing. Special ru..
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Peg It Therapeutic Tool
Presents new concepts relating to fine and perceptual motor skills. The kit serves as a research, as..
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Pen Grippers - Pack of 3
These soft pliable Grippers slide onto normal sized pens and pencils. The increased diameter given..
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Play Boccia Ramp
Specially developed durable foamex ball ramp aimed at providing people of all ages who have high sup..
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Portable Lamp
The portable lamp now comes with an ingenious Easy-Twistâ„¢ shade for maximum light angle and spr..
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Rhythm World Percussion Pack
A pack full of interesting percussion instruments which can take you on an imaginary trip around the..
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